How do I get started?

Whether you join a group, or start your very own Cheddar Stacks group, we'll assist you every step of the way. Your Cheddar Stacks Business NINJAneer will work hard to match you with the perfect group, or launch your own group in 60 days, or less. Of course, some of your success depends on how hard you and your fellow members work to fill every slot in your cheese wheel.

Once the group is established you'll have access to all of our training and support resources to quickly get everyone sending and making more cheese. Once the business referrals start flowing in a rapid pace to your mobile device, you'll wonder why you continued to do business the way you've always done it. In other words, Cheddar Stacks gonna make you lose your rind up in here!

What's it gonna cost me?

Although we like making cheddar just as much as our members do, we have made this super affordable. In fact, because of a national sponsorship agreement, the usual annual membership fee of $300 is completely taken care of for you, and all members of your group for the first year! This allows you, and every member of your group, to start building a large, high quality, business networking group with very little investment. We want you to be successful; it's what we're all about.

Once the group is established and ready for launch (we recommend launching with no less than 10 members) the mobile app and web portal will function as the communications hub to send cheese (referrals), schedule meetings, track individual and group progress, and much more. The "The Big Cheese" (aka the group leader) and all group members will have access to any training session and get as much support and necessary from our team. Once the group is launched there is a small monthly fee to cover access to the portals, training sessions, etc. We can assure you it's less than the cost of ordering 3 quality cheeseburgers in a month, which some of us could stand to avoid anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I have more than one group?

Allow us to answer your question with a question. Are you trying to make blue cheese or cheddar? Joining other groups is a bad idea because it breaks the integrity, spirit ,and purpose of a networking group. Plus it makes you a two-timer and that’s never a Gouda idea. If we catch you….and we will, you will be reported to your initial group who will likely make grilled cheese out of you! Make a group, promote your group, be loyal to your group!

Can I choose my own members?

By starting your own Cheddar Stacks Group, you are free to choose your starting member base that will then assist you in filling any open spots in the group. As a Big Cheese, you are in charge of scheduling group meetings and bringing important decisions to the group such as, adding a new member or removing a member who is not actively participating. That’s right, you can cut the cheese when you have a member who is only taking and not actively participating. It’s all about the growing the group and growing the number of active business referrals your group is receiving on a monthly basis. In the end, it’s all about the Cheddar!

Is there a limit to group size?

Most groups will average around 20 professionals. However, there is NO limit to group size. There IS a limit to how many professionals from each industry are allowed in a group and that is limited to ONE! This allows the group to maintain professional courtesy and loyalty to their group.

How long does it take to get started?

Some groups can be up and running in as little as 30 days if the person starting the group is a good networker. Truth is, most groups start out looking more like Swiss cheese verses Cheddar. However, within 90 days most groups have filled the majority their slots and are considering other business professions to invite in their group.

What type of support will I get to insure my success?

At Cheddar Stacks we know our success depends on your success! With that in mind we will do everything in our power to provide you with all of the support you need to get your Cheddar Stacks Networking Group working fast! We provide all training, tools, and advice needed for you to quickly grow your revenue potential, and increase your quality of life. In addition, we will connect with your very own internal Cheddar Stacks representative who is your dedicated business building NINJAneer! Your representative is available to help with member recruiting, training, technology and more – their entire focus is building spectacular groups that are high producing referral machines.

Doesn’t that sound GOUDA? Well we think its CHEDDAR than GOUDA, we think its GRATE!