Business Networking Made EASY!
Making Local Business Networking GRATE again!

Cheddar Stacks combines modern web and mobile technology with time-tested business-building strategies. We build private business networking groups of like-minded business professionals who will eagerly send you high quality business referrals.

Any way you slice it, by either joining an existing networking group, or starting your very own Cheddar Stacks group, you will quickly increase sales, personal income, and quality of life.

Is it for everyone? We think so, but what can we say... Graters gonna grate!
How does it work?
How does it work?

Grate question! Joining Cheddar Stacks is a brie(eeze)! Our system provides all the training, tools, websites, mobile applications, coaching and advice from your very own internal Cheddar Stacks Business NINJAneer who will assist you through your journey.

Find out how you can easily join, or even start your very own Cheddar Stacks group in your area!

How does it work?
Let's get started!

Cheddar Stacks is ready to help you grow your business. We are looking for individuals seeking to start their own local networking group, as well as those who already belong to an established networking group interested in using our platform! Start a group for free or join a group for free. Group Leaders (The Big Cheese), never pay for groups they create and manage. Individuals joining a group will pay a small technology platform fee per month (see pricing.) A small price to pay for such huge results to your personal income!